Assiniboine Extreme Adventure

You belong in the mountains! Join I Challenge Diabetes on the adventure of a lifetime. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia the Assiniboine Lodge cabins are awaiting your arrival. Mountain views, comfy cabins, and stunning scenery are the backdrop to this unique ICD event. Join us as we explore the mountains and learn how to manage our diabetes while hiking the peaks and valleys of B.C.


Keep it moving! Experience breathtaking views as you hike the Assiniboine trails over 2 days and 13 km, on route to the Naiset Huts, camping along the way.

or JULY 1

This year we are offering two fly-in options. You can either fly in on June 28th or on July 1st.

or JULY 3

Just like the fly out, we are offering two days. Each one offering spectacular views as you leave this amazing area. Providing you a birds eye view of where you have just spent the last couple of days.


All good things must come to an end. However this end is just the beginning of a spectacular 14km, 2 day  hike out of the mountains.


Chris Jarvis

“Diagnosed as a kid, I didn’t have the type of support I needed with my diabetes, and would often feel alone in facing challenges related to T1D. Through trial and error, I managed to hone my skills as a rower, and went on to compete at the Olympics and various world championships. I found that even at the highest level, most coaches and trainers didn’t understand diabetes, so I mostly self-managed while trying to educate others along the way.

Fast-forward 15 years, and now my “connection to T1D” spans this entire community! I love being able to provide the support to so many that I lacked in my early years. I’ve met so many incredible individuals and families, and yet still feel like we’re just cracking the surface of what ICD is capable of!“

“The community, support, and passion we’ve seen from everyone who has been involved since day 1! Whether it’s an extreme adventure, a parent info session, or a Diabuddies school tour presentation, I’ve seen time and time again the impact these programs have on families who are used to feeling isolated and alone. Watching new participants interact with our ICD team makes for some of my favourite moments, and makes me proud to be the founder of this organization.”

“I also live with Celiac disease, which adds another layer of challenges to nutrition and T1D management. I’m lucky to have an incredible family and support system! My wife Angie and two daughters, Stella and Juliet, are always looking out for me, and are now the main reason I’m motivated to keep my blood sugar stable.“


Luxury in remoteness.

After a full day hiking and exploring the beauty that is the Assiniboine, you’ll need a place to raise those feet and rest your head. That’s where the luxurious Assiniboine cabins come in! Nestled deep in the wild and pristine Canadian Rockies, you’ll find your home for the week! Immaculate log cabins with the softest and coziest beds will be your haven to rest and recuperate. The cabins are ready for you offering plenty of space to unwind and reflect on your adventures!



What could better then stepping into the lodge after a full day’s hike and taking a sip of gourmet hot chocolate paired with the finest backcountry-style meals? Sign up today and discover for yourself!

We are so excited to offer the finest in backcountry cuisine prepared by a specialty in-house chef.  The right balance of nutrients, convenience, and taste to fuel our hiking legs. Participants will experience the highest quality meals made in the backcountry! Our mouths are watering just thinking about all the great meals and snacks we’ll enjoy. Dinner with a view!

Trip Agenda

Like the Matterhorn that represents The Swiss Alps, Mount Assiniboine represents the Canadian Rockies. Assiniboine is nicknamed “The Matterhorn of the Rockies” and is so popular that we called over 2000 times on opening day to reserve our team a spot in these gorgeous cabins at the base of these majestic views. With Plenty to see on the way in and out, and weeks worth of hiking when you arrive… the only challenge with planning our itinerary is choosing a route!

We have listed the difficulties and our plan accommodates for entry level to rugged hikers. Diabetes will undoubtedly play a part in our treks and we have lead over 2200km of hikes with type 1 groups on top of our own personal experience as guides living with T1D. You can bet we’ll have the understanding and will be happy to support anyone with diabetes to adjust their plan and learn together in this beautiful environment.


Mount Shark to McBride’s Camp.

13km (44km drive from Canmore to trailhead). Hike the smooth trails over powerful rivers, through tranquil forests and arrive at McBride’s Campground.

Difficulty – Easy Trail
Distance – Long


Fly in option 1.

Catch a flight into the mountains! Gain an aerial perspective of the Assiniboine as you take off on route to your accommodations. Don’t forget your camera!

Once the group is together we’ll spend the day getting to know one another and then do some exploring around our home for the next couple of days.

Difficulty – Relaxed and Easy


Hiking the Meadows

Today we will be heading out to the Assiniboine Valley to enjoy a natural burst of colour in the wild alpine flowers.We will also  head out into a place where there are more ground squirrels than humans at any time. We’ll stroll through rolling meadows, over streams, along the shores of Magog and Og lakes that perfectly reflect these glacier capped mountains… Then return to our cabins for a gourmet meal and games.

Difficulty – Relaxed and Easy


Niblet and the Nub Peak

The most famous of all the viewpoints is the Niblet. It’s also made its way onto the big screen in the thriller starring Anthony Hopkins “The Edge”. It’s incredible and worth the effort for any hiker. This portion of the hike will take 2 hour round trip and feels like the top… although you may spend that much time just taking photos.

Difficulty – Moderate, challenging terrain beyond Niblet


First option to fly out.
Second option to fly in.

We’ll say goodbye to some friends we’ve spent the last couple of days with. And then welcome some new faces. Once we are all together we’ll discuss as a team to ensure the entire group gets the most out of this day and there is no doubt we will get more than we bargain for.

Difficulty – Relaxed and Easy


Wonder Pass

Despite having spent a few days in the most beautiful place you have ever been… Wonder pass will inspire you and take your breath away anew. This hike is a gradual climb from our cabins through a beautiful larch forest and several more streams, lakes and waterfalls to add value. Upon arrival at the crest of this pass you will see the most beautiful combination of wildflowers framing a view over Marvel lake with dark evergreen forests surrounding it and capped by several glaciers you see for the first time as you reach the top of the pass. This hike is a round trip 2 hours and will also be done on the way home for our friends who are hiking out to Mount Shark. Our Fly-In friends return to camp.

Difficulty – Easy


Second option to fly out.

Hikers depart.

Hike Out Day 1 – Wonder Pass and Marvel Lake to Bryant Cabin

This route will provide a completely new view for those who hiked out but take us back to the same place. After Wonder Pass, we will take a steep descent on smooth trail with plenty of switch backs down to Marvel Lake. The trail levels out to a long gradual descent running along Marvel lake back towards Bryant Creek and is speckled with waterfalls and creeks flowing through the deep pine forests. This route is 14 km and you’ll be grateful you are going down instead of up!

Difficulty – Moderate

It’s time to descend! The helicopter rotor is warming up to take you down the mountain and back to civilization. Your hiking mates will be there to see you depart. Can you spot your hiking routes?


Hike Out Day 2 –  Bryant Cabin to Mount Shark

With the bulk of the work done now the crew will enjoy the smooth descent down along side Bryant Creek. We’ll have a variety of things to look forward to from rock slides and Ptarmigan. If we get too excited and work up a sweat we’ll have a few gorgeous river crossings at Big springs and Bryan Creek as well as the chance to visit a carst river that flows out of the rock!


Difficulty – Easy Trail
Distance – Long

All you need to do is apply, and we’ll help you create your Fundraising Campaign Profile page on our website!


Your fundraising will help us offer unique T1D programming to youth. Our events play a huge role in helping those with T1D learn to manage their diabetes and live healthy lifestyles.

We strive to make our events easily accessible, packed with educational and motivational support, with a low cost. We do this by supplementing costs to participants with sponsorships and fundraising to offer more. We need your help to raise these funds to ensure our events are accessible and our community is able to thrive in any challenge. Your goal of raising $2,500 will go a long way with ICD!   In fact, all donations raised from this trip will be directed to financial aid and creating more programs for youth. This isn’t just a fundraiser either, you’ll feel the tremendous peer support and empowerment of our expert leadership team too, so join us! 


The ICD Extreme Adventures are more physically and mentally challenging than our Intro to Adventure events. You can expect more difficult terrain and longer days. In addition, our Extreme Adventure events are longer in duration.

No you do not! Anyone can apply and participate as this is a fundraising event for ICD. Although, we will be talking about diabetes education while on the trip and helping those with diabetes manage their insulin and sugar levels as we hike.

Absolutely! Please reach out to us regarding our family fundraising campaign options.

No they are not. You will need to get yourself to and from the trailhead or helipad, which is about 2.5 hours from Calgary Airport. If you are flying in for the adventure you will also need to plan and book your flight itinerary.

First be sure to sign up and apply for the Assiniboine Extreme Adventure. ICD will help you construct your personal profile for your fundraising campaign. Start raising funds by connecting to your family and friends. There are plenty of creative ways to raise funds such as bake sales, car washes or a fantasy sport league. A quick internet search of best fundraising ideas is a good place to start.

We will work with you to help achieve your goal, we will evaluate each scenario individually.

Yes! All donations made through our website will receive a tax receipt.

Direct your donors to your profile page on the ICD website. This way we can track your funds raised and your donors will receive a tax receipt for their donation.

When collecting the cash donation please make sure you have the following information of the donor collected as well so we can issue them a tax receipt.

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Address
    • Street Name
    • Unit
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Country
    • Postal Code

All the donations directly from the Assiniboine Extreme Adventure go towards future ICD programming and events. These donations will help make our programs more accessible and affordable to those who need T1D education.

We ask that you inform us as soon as possible if you need to cancel. There may be someone else who would like to take your spot on the adventure. As this is a fundraising program the funds raised through your campaign will still go towards future ICD events.

The design of this program allows for a wider array of ages in a incredible wilderness experience. Our hike in/out option has a serious fitness qualification and we would be happy to discuss with you to ensure you are on the right track. We have had a 12 year old T1D who qualified for the fitness level for the hike in and out. She worked with our team to create a plan and we supported her through it. Our fly in options increase accessibility and we will be happy to take a call and work through every detail to ensure your choice is informed and this is an empowering experience for the whole family!

Have a look at our ‘Trip Route’ page which can be found on our website. The hike in and out will each take two days of about 6 hours of hiking per day. While staying in the mountains, day hikes vary between 2-5 hours of hiking with lots of rests, snack spots, and scenic views.

There is not a doctor on site with us or part of the leadership team, but we do have an experienced certified wilderness first responder.  Our program leaders have lead many T1D group outings. Adding up all the kms hiked by each individual under ICD leadership would be over 27,000 km. ICD leaders are prepared to handle emergency situations.

Yes! Facebook is a great way to raise funds with no fees or related costs. Please keep in mind that all Facebook donor information does not go through the ICD system. Therefore we are relying on you to thank your donors on behalf of ICD and let them know how much their support is appreciated. Every two weeks we will update your fundraising bar on your ICD profile page with the funds you have raised via Facebook.

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