The ICD Extreme Adventures are more physically and mentally challenging than our Intro to Adventure events. You can expect more difficult terrain and longer days. In addition, our Extreme Adventure events are longer in duration.

No you do not! Anyone can apply and participate as this is a fundraising event for ICD. Although, we will be talking about diabetes education while on the trip and helping those with diabetes manage their insulin and sugar levels as we hike.

Absolutely! Please reach out to us regarding our family fundraising campaign options.

No they are not. You will need to get yourself to and from the trailhead or helipad, which is about 2.5 hours from Calgary Airport. If you are flying in for the adventure you will also need to plan and book your flight itinerary.

First be sure to sign up and apply for the Assiniboine Extreme Adventure. ICD will help you construct your personal profile for your fundraising campaign. Start raising funds by connecting to your family and friends. There are plenty of creative ways to raise funds such as bake sales, car washes or a fantasy sport league. A quick internet search of best fundraising ideas is a good place to start.

We will work with you to help achieve your goal, we will evaluate each scenario individually.

Yes! All donations made through our website will receive a tax receipt.

Direct your donors to your profile page on the ICD website. This way we can track your funds raised and your donors will receive a tax receipt for their donation.

When collecting the cash donation please make sure you have the following information of the donor collected as well so we can issue them a tax receipt.

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Address
    • Street Name
    • Unit
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Country
    • Postal Code

All the donations directly from the Assiniboine Extreme Adventure go towards future ICD programming and events. These donations will help make our programs more accessible and affordable to those who need T1D education.

We ask that you inform us as soon as possible if you need to cancel. There may be someone else who would like to take your spot on the adventure. As this is a fundraising program the funds raised through your campaign will still go towards future ICD events.

The design of this program allows for a wider array of ages in a incredible wilderness experience. Our hike in/out option has a serious fitness qualification and we would be happy to discuss with you to ensure you are on the right track. We have had a 12 year old T1D who qualified for the fitness level for the hike in and out. She worked with our team to create a plan and we supported her through it. Our fly in options increase accessibility and we will be happy to take a call and work through every detail to ensure your choice is informed and this is an empowering experience for the whole family!

Have a look at our ‘Trip Route’ page which can be found on our website. The hike in and out will each take two days of about 6 hours of hiking per day. While staying in the mountains, day hikes vary between 2-5 hours of hiking with lots of rests, snack spots, and scenic views.

There is not a doctor on site with us or part of the leadership team, but we do have an experienced certified wilderness first responder.  Our program leaders have lead many T1D group outings. Adding up all the kms hiked by each individual under ICD leadership would be over 27,000 km. ICD leaders are prepared to handle emergency situations.

Yes! Facebook is a great way to raise funds with no fees or related costs. Please keep in mind that all Facebook donor information does not go through the ICD system. Therefore we are relying on you to thank your donors on behalf of ICD and let them know how much their support is appreciated. Every two weeks we will update your fundraising bar on your ICD profile page with the funds you have raised via Facebook.

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