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  • Intro To Adventure - Juan De Fuca
    May 26, 2018 - May 27, 2018
    12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Event Phone: 1-877-776-0667

Join us for an “Intro to Adventure” – just 10 mins hike from the car to an ocean front campsite. Once camp is setup, guide you to some of the largest trees in the Canadian rain forest, to explore huge sea caves, tide pools, remote suspension bridges and a hidden waterfall that ranks among the most beautiful in the world! All while teaching the essentials of diabetes in a wilderness survival experience that will inspire. Program led by Chris Jarvis and Robin Fagnan with more experience guiding T1D wilderness programs than anyone in the world. 

Robin Adjusts his pump in Owen Point Sea Cave.


*NEW PROGRAM* Our Extreme Adventures have drawn people living with diabetes from all over the world to spend a little time in the Wilderness.  It is therapeutic, it is inspiring and it is an amazing chance to push through boundaries with a team who lives with the same challenges as you.  While these adventures have taken fitness, strength and planning for participants as young as 13 years old. We are now offering “Intro to Adventure” for families and youth who want to learn with a smaller portion of challenge and full points for beauty. You can sign up as a family, bring a friend or as an individual!

Chris in front, Left-Right Fin, Amanda, Maya from 2017 West Coast Trail Expedition.

Our Extreme adventures explore larger sections of trail and more remote areas of iconic trails but the Sombrio Beach is an amazing spot to visit with much less to risk. We have planned this Intro to stay within 4km of the car but still explore amazing views, rock formations, look at or step into sea caves and turquoise waters all in an hours walk! It’s a challenge by choice program (meaning you don’t have to crawl in a cave if you don’t want to, it’s your choice!) supported with T1D mentors who know every step of these trails, how to pack perfectly, setup camp to be safe and cook amazing meals with just what you can carry on your back. We are also fully prepared to help with diabetes – carbs, sites, trouble shooting… there is even rumoured to be night time fairies who come around checking blood sugars that have been legendary amongst the teen hikers!

The program is ideal for tweens and teens not sure about being in nature… and their parents too! This place will convert most anyone to be a nature lover and is open to families of all aged children but will have age 8+ minimum for drop off.


Our leaders and peers living with T1D who understand the highs and lows of diabetes have recommended this program to peers 100% in our surveys. You will feel connected, develop skills you can take with you anywhere and stay motivated with memories of the glittering turquoise waters of the ocean and the new friends you’ve made.

(Youth leadership team welcome to join Friday night – applicants should register here and follow back up)



2Day/ 1 Nights of camping adventure on the stunningly beautiful Juan De Fuca Trail. This amazing experience unites type 1s and family that want to buff up their skills guided by the most experienced leadership team for T1D outdoor education in the world. Our Intro to Adventure is an amazing opportunity to be inspired with your diabetes you won’t find anywhere else!

Participants will be required to carry a backpack with some of their belongings on a trail to Sombrio Beach (less than 1km). We will provide a detailed gear list and answer any questions. Any camping gear can be provided from cookware to lightweight tents and sleeping bags if given advanced notice. Mentors will ensure that no-one is carrying more than they can handle. Any questions can be answered easily by calling our office – 1-877-776-0667.

We have received equally powerful testimonials from participants who love adventure to those who would not dare squiggle into a cave or even tip toe to the edge of a cliff! Likewise from those who are not sure about spending time with others with diabetes and never want to talk about it. Diabetes management is completely supported and get’s easier each step taken on this trip.

Our Leadership team has guided type 1 diabetics on thousands of km’s of trails. Be sure to check out pictures from our previous hikes on our facebook page or website.


Sat May 26 – Sun May 27th arrival at 11am in the parking lot (direction once registered) depart Sunday 3:00pm departure –
(Car pooling from Victoria and Sooke may be available)


We will be within 2-4 km of the Sombrio Beach access point and will be broadcasting our trail from a satellite communication device tracking every step to your friends and family back home. We will be emailing registered participants with maps and more detailed directions.



This event is open to active kids with type 1 diabetes looking for an amazing outdoor experience, mentoring, peer support, learning strategies to make T1D life easier and free. The program is ideal for wee challengers, tweens, teens and family members who wonder how to handle diabetes in the woods as well as experienced teens looking to give back as mentors to support someone in our “Intro to Adventure Program”. The Intro will be following our Leadership Development program back to back so that these hikers will know every step of the way. (Interested in being on our leadership team? Email in after registering. 5 teen leadership development spaces available upon approval, [email protected] for more info) All participants will receive a call to review gear and discuss the program to ensure a good fit.

Participants who would like to bring a friend or family member are welcome to and additional spaces for the first night and local adventures can be added by phone or email. Please follow up to connect with our team to see if space is available. Friends without T1D are often immersed within our programs to learn about the complex decision making involved and become great supports while loving every second of the program.


(those looking for transport should budget additional funds to contribute to ride-share)

Includes camping permits, all foods and snacks. Tents, camp kitchen, back country safety equipment and ICD leadership is a bonus and we encourage you to consider a donation to help keep this organization going. We are able to support additional needs for backpacks, high-end sleeping bags and head laps upon request but proper hiking shoes/boots, rain jacket, athletic wear are required – we will provide a detailed gear-list to help and answer any questions! Please inquire if you require financial support to help make this possible. 


There is nothing better to gain an appreciation for what you are capable of than stepping outside your comfort zone. Learn something about yourself and connect with others who understand the ins and outs of diabetes management and are living proof that the disease doesn’t stop  you. This is a great opportunity to see take in picturesque views and discover what you can accomplish with the right support.


Other Info:

Since we will be carrying all our supplies on our backs, it is VERY important to pack smart and pack light. We will provide gear lists as well as support you with all but footwear, clothes and water bottles. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions surrounding your packing list.


Email [email protected] or Call 1-877-776-0667





Sombrio Beach Trailhead, Juan de Fuca, British Columbia, Canada


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