Diabuddies Campaign:

The Diabuddies presentation can truly be targeted at any age group, however most typically we present to groups from JK to grade 8.

The fee for the Diabuddies program is $200 per school. This can be made as a payment directly from the school, or fundraised through students and families. Some ideas for the fundraising option are, bake sale, toonie drive, or talent show.

Yes! We can present to the entire student body, or just the home room class – whatever works best for the school/student.

We would just require a projector and an HDMI cable.

We generally cover the following topics in the presentations:

  • Speaker introduces themselves

  • How do you get T1D?

  • Differentiate between type 1 and type 2

  • The role of nutrition/carbs

  • How to test blood sugar

  • What is insulin & how to give it

  • How classmates can be supportive and helpful

Fill out a form by clicking on the link below. A member of the ICD team will reach out to you to schedule a tour!

We encourage corporate sponsorship for our Diabuddies tours!

Please fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you!

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The following is a video about our Diabuddies Campaign:

Family Workshops:

A Policy/Program Memorandum (PPM) is issued by the Ministry of Education to district school boards and school authorities. It is a policy directive and should not be confused as legislation.

Particularly, PPM 161 requires school boards to develop policies to support students with diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, and those at risk of anaphylaxis. It describes what should be included in the school boards’ policies.

Look for Family Workshop Events

Also, stay tuned on ICD’s social media pages to receive the latest updates on when the next family workshop will be organized. We have official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Discussion topics and speakers vary in every Family Workshop. In the very first Family Workshop, we had wonderful speakers including a Principal Helen Jarvis, who provided tips on advocating in school; Gabreilla Simo from Diabetes Canada, who provided an overview on the draft PPM 161; Dana Greenberg a T1D mom, who talked about the Roadmap to Independence  that she used for her child who recently was awarded the Governor General Award; and Elaine Wilson R.N from Trillium Health Partners, who provided guidance on how to create a plan for T1d kids in school. Discussion topics and speakers for the next workshop may vary and will be announced along with the workshop.

Yes, we encourage you to bring your children along to the Family Workshop. While caregivers engage in fruitful discussion and listen to speakers, children enjoy fun gym activities organized by our ICD team!

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