“Exercise and Excellence Workshops are our base layer and may be the only of it’s kind across Canada.” – The ICD team

Professional grade workshops with diabetes skills.

Workshops form the base layer of our programs and you can expect the following in these workshops:

  • Activity (or several of them, this can include sports, theme parks, custom made adventure races, exploring trails and waterways, art, music and culinary creations)

  • Preparing as a group, we discuss what items we need with us to be successful in the activity at hand and effectively add diabetes supplies along with creative solutions to how to carry them to minimize impact.

  • We will discuss where our blood sugars are and how to predict potential problems.

  • We will test our blood sugars along the way and see how our strategies work out.

  • We will reflect on our blood sugars afterwards to see if we can spot any improvements in our strategy share ideas to review amongst the group.

  • Identify issues we need to take to our health care teams and what details we should collect to tell an accurate story.

  • Sometimes, these workshops may be held on specific PA days at school!

We will advertise when we are also able to add in the following:

  • A nutritional component: Many ICD programs offer a meal and integrate discussions or games to help make diabetes management interactive and easy to learn from others.

  • A parent workshop: These components have been created from feedback with an interest to dive into unique topics and share experiences with peers while guided by expert facilitation. 

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