“Keep in mind, not all extreme challenges require BIG physical demands, but even those that do – we have the team to help guide you through the roughest.” – The ICD team

Prove yourself you can go far.

What is Intro To Adventure Series?

Our Extreme Adventures have drawn people living with diabetes from all over the world.  It is therapeutic, it is inspiring and it is an amazing chance to push through boundaries with a team who lives with the same challenges as you.  While these adventures have taken fitness, strength and planning for participants as young as 13 years old. We are now offering “Intro to Adventure” for families and youth who want to learn with a smaller portion of challenge and full points for beauty.

Our extreme adventure series is full of tough physical or mental challenges that push our limits and test our capabilities. Each program has it’s own barriers that ICD’s expert staff can support you through or determine your suitability for depending on the type. We have seen huge accomplishments over the years with impacts that last a lifetime!

To be blunt, some people will take on extreme adventures regardless of their ability to manage diabetes and few friends or professionals will understand those challenges. Even fewer will have the experience to instruct.

We at ICD have worked hard and collaborated with many in the industry to discuss problems, develop strategies and put them to the test! We go into our group programs with confidence and make it safe and easy to pick up skills a heck of a lot faster than you might on your own. But sadly you might not pick them up on your own.

Thus our adventures are wide and diverse with extreme distances of hiking, running, skiing, biking, adventure races, swimming, canoeing and frigid winter overnights in hand made snow caves are a survival issue for anyone, not just a concern for someone carrying their insulin outside their pancreas.

But it doesn’t stop there, as we also try exhilarating experiences as a group to discern how they effect our sugars like a day at the roller coasters, hang gliding, or racing face first hitting speeds upwards of 100km/hr down an ice-luge in a sport called “the skeleton”.

These are just a taste of our adventures and many have tried these with us by going completely outside their comfort zones after developing a trust in ICD that empowered them to reach for more.

The beauty of this program is that its benefits doesn’t just stop at this one adventure. If we are successful in learning how to manage diabetes in the midst of all these other challenging elements, it greatly increases the chances we will be able to stand up to the regular barrage we encounter in our daily lives. Thus we invest a lot of our resources to making these programs available to all with T1D.

If you see a challenge you are interested in from our Extreme Adventure Series we have two pieces of advice for you.
1. Reach out and ask, you likely don’t know as well as our guides do… and if you did you wouldn’t have any questions!
2. Be honest. There are few programs where we have physical restrictions but when they do come along it is in everyones best interests if we know what we are dealing with. Let us know and we can give you your options for a best outcome.

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