Take on the Ultimate challenge!

Test your mind, body and blood sugar! Individuals with type 1 come together from across Canada for a fun and adventurous day of friendly competition, mixed with practical diabetes education that won’t slow you down. It’s not about winning or losing; it’s about taking on the challenge of our Ultimate Amazing Race!

We’ve hosted our Ultimate Amazing Race across Canada with many international and returning participants coming together. It’s a fun-filled  and adventurous day mixed with practical diabetes tips and tricks.

This race will push your team to reach for more with multiple legs. The race consists of a series of challenges – some mental and some physical– that must be completed before the next location of the next leg is revealed.

Ultimate Amazing Races incorporate a variety of age categories ranging from individuals less than 8 years old to adults. More details can be found under specific event details.

Ultimate Amazing Race events are usually held for a single day. However, please look into event details to know the length of a particular event.


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