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Being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age can be stressful for the child, parents, and support group around them. We classify Wee Challengers anywhere between toddlers up to 8 years old and we are driven to help. Kids can learn a lot from watching others, they ask some really good questions and LOVE the games we play!

Our Wee Challengers program brings opportunities for kids to play in a supportive environment with practical education for their ages. We also use the opportunity to develop the community setting for parents to start learning from each other and engaging with our leadership team.

First of all, we know that a family diagnosed with diabetes at young age reduces the number of people to find a connection with when inherently they have the least amount of experience with the disease! Kids have a naturally hands on and peer based learning mechanism and so it is incredibly helpful for them to see and learn from peers doing too. Some may learn to test their own blood at 3 or 4 years old which greatly increases their safety and makes it easier to support them whether by mom/dad, a teacher or otherwise. We love reducing the tension around those situations by providing the child with an environment to learn from their peers and develop role models.

Likewise, parents have very different struggles in these younger years. For this reason, we have developed this Wee Challenger program to support both learning opportunities (parents and kids). Watch for our “Parent workshops” which often run during our program or reach out and we can connect you. Because many families have multiple ages we often have to allow a Wee Challenger to join into our broader age categories but our end goal is to establish a program that can support this challenge in a practical, community setting. Let us know you are interested as the biggest hurdle is knowing how to reach you when a program is ready.   

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