Programs and Services Offered by ICD

I Challenge Diabetes offers many different types of programs and events which focus on experiential learning and skill building through engaging activities, practical education, meaningful support, and challenge for each and every participant!

We at ICD have worked hard and collaborated with many in the industry to discuss problems, develop strategies and put them to the test! We go into our group programs with confidence and make it safe and easy to pick up skills faster than you might on your own!

Our adventures are wide and diverse with extreme distances of hiking, running, skiing, biking, adventure races, swimming, canoeing and even frigid winter overnights in handmade snow caves!

We also try exhilarating experiences as a group to discern how they effect our sugars – like a day at the roller coasters, hang gliding, or racing face first hitting speeds upwards of 100km/hr down an ice-luge in a sport called “the skeleton”.

We are passionate about empowering those with type 1 diabetes!

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