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– Do YOU feel there is a gap in supporting youth with T1D that ICD could fill?
– Want to share/build your skills in our Youth Committee?
– Want to join other youth with T1D in creating opportunities that engage your peers?
– What would you do with $5000 for the diabetes community?

We are looking for young people that have been involved with I Challenge Diabetes; with experience in leadership development programs; with diabetes or experience in other diabetes-related organizations; or anyone that is excited and motivated to help others.

Through our Youth Council, ICD aims to increase the involvement of young people in their communities. Council members will increase participation in ICD programs, provide valuable feedback, and further ICD’s mission to support, empower, and connect people living with Diabetes. Participants in the council will gain valuable leadership skills and experience as well as the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!

We expect the Youth Council’s Executive to meet regularly and, eventually, host meetings with a wider body of non-executive members. We envision a well-connected community with a base in Toronto but opportunities for individuals to host face-to-face meetings and events in other cities throughout Canada. These events could range from food-related socials to major fundraising efforts, inviting guest speakers to your university or college, or even hosting a multi-day conference!

Please read through the descriptions of the various positions on the council below. If you are interested in applying to join this dynamic team, you can APPLY HERE. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

All positions on the executive of the Council will first be selected by ICD via an application process.

Co-President: (Two positions)

The Co-Presidents are the executives of the Youth Council (YC), responsible for supporting the development of, the review of and the production of an updated strategy for ideas that suit the growth of ICD and our ability to deliver on our mission for youth across Canada. The role involves overseeing of all the activities of the Council, keeping executive members on task, and the planning of meetings including producing agendas in concert with the VP of Membership. The Co-Presidents will have quarterly opportunities to present council priorities with members of I Challenge Diabetes’ Board of Directors and to support fellow executives such as the VP Treasurer to make financial updates. It is imperative to establish the YC as a cooperative environment, coordinated closely and work effectively with the membership, giving recognition to the members for their contributions and letting them know their ideas are being heard and acted upon.

VP Treasurer: (One position)

The Vice President, Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the youth council provided by ICD and those gained from council fundraising efforts. They are expected to manage the council’s budget; for on time delivery of funds for expenses or for collection of funds pledged from other organizations/individuals that the council interacts with as necessary; for ensuring that expenditures and reimbursements are in agreement with the terms of the grant(s) that the council has received; and, in conjunction with the Co-Presidents, providing the ICD board with quarterly updates regarding the financial health of the Youth Council and the budget estimates that coincide with suggested initiatives coming from the Youth Council. VP Treasurer is expected to coordinate with the VP Fundraising to establish budgets to support efforts to raise funds for the Youth Council initiatives.

VP Marketing: (One position)

The Vice President, Marketing is responsible for an effective communication strategy, promoting the Youth Council and its activities. The VP Marketing is responsible for effective and creative strategies that promote the YC through various initiatives including social media promotions.  The VP Marketing will work closely with the VP Outreach and Social Media Director in planning physical events designed to bring in more members, to promote the Council, to promote ICD’s programs, and to assist in creating activities designed to retain members and promote participation in the YC. The VP marketing will have  opportunities to work with ICD core staff in the approach to and pitching of initiatives for funding.

VP Outreach: (One position)

The Vice President, Outreach, is responsible for building, maintaining, and growing the membership of the Youth Council. This can be done in a variety of ways such as organizing events in schools, universities, businesses, restaurants, and organizing social events for both the Executive and members of the Council. They are also responsible for compiling and analyzing data on participation at these events and reporting the results to the rest of the Executive. They are expected to work closely with the VP Marketing in promoting events, especially for purposes of attracting new members.

VP Membership: (One position)

The Vice President, Membership is responsible for a variety of membership-related activities and is the principle engagement facilitator. This begins with the basic upkeep of members and their contact information, taking minutes of meetings, corresponding with council members to anticipate meeting attendance, and collecting valuable feedback from all of the Youth Council’s members. The VP Membership is expected to use this feedback and their own ideas in order to collaborate with the Co-Presidents in coming up with agendas for YC meetings.

VP Fundraising: (One position)

The Vice President, Fundraising is responsible for leveraging approved YC initiatives for prospective funding and organizing and engaging in efforts to procure funds for the Council. These efforts would be supporting member initiatives and can range from arranging bake sales, approaching for venue discounts and taking the lead role in applying for grants for the Council in conjunction with ICD core staff. The VP Fundraising is expected to collaborate with the VP Outreach and VP Marketing in leveraging events for fundraising opportunities where appropriate as well as the VP Treasurer in the creation of budget targets to enable the YC and its’ initiatives.

Social Media Director: (One position)

The Social Media Director is an important role on the Executive to communicate the efforts of the YC to the public and likewise report back on the engagement from the public. The Social Media Director is expected to promote the Youth Council and its activities on various social media platforms with independence and work closely with the VP Marketing in promoting specific events and programs as needed. This position will also work with ICD core staff to ensure appropriate messaging and timing in amongst the ICD social media calendar.

Regional Outreach Directors: (Geographically allocated as needed)

The Regional Outreach Directors are essential to spread the energy of the Youth Council across Canada. I Challenge Diabetes, based in Toronto and the GTA, has long relied on its’ local supporters to enable growth and program delivery. With this in mind, Regional Outreach Directors (ROD) are responsible for promoting the YC and ICD’s initiatives in the region they live. RODs would be expected to take the lead in attracting new members to the council, to coordinate events in their area, to promote opportunities for ICD and the YC to engage in their area through cross promotion or fill gaps in the regions support of people with T1D.

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