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Sports Camps


Our Sports Camps are multi-sport day camps that provide diabetes support, education, mentoring and normalization, integrated with awesome workouts, skill development and a whole lot of summer camp fun for all ability levels.

We are committed to staying connected and having a blast with our camps despite these challenging times! From on-air BG checks with their fellow campers, snacks, carb counting, and great diabetes discussions – we aim to bring the ICD Experience to you!

We at ICD take our Covid response seriously and have established clear and tested plans and policies to ensure the health of our community.

View our Updated Covid Safety Protocols HERE

In-Person Sports Camps

Toronto – Mississauga – Vancouver – Niagara – Calgary

Regional on site Sports Camps are open to children with and without type 1 diabetes aged 5-15 each week, in an inclusive framework to allow T1Ds to participate alongside their peers. Campers aged 13-15 years can take part in our integrated leadership development program. Youth 16+ are welcome to apply to volunteer!

Incorporating sports skills and drills, challenge circuits, carb-counting, diabetes management support and great diabetes discussions each day, not to mention mentorship from our youth leaders and important connections to peers – we like to think our  camps have something for everyone.

Our team includes passionate leaders and world class athletes who can provide participants with knowledge of life with T1D that can help them reach their goals. Participants will get active as a group and dive into a variety of sports and exercise while managing diabetes together. ICD is a leader in exercise and diabetes with experts in the science, who talk the talk and athletes who walk the walk.



Let’s get Virtual!

You don’t have to miss out on all the FUN and CONNECTION of camp with your Diabuddies. We are still here to support and empower kids and teens living with t1, as they learn and grow towards independence in their diabetes management.

We are pleased to be able to offer Virtual Camp fun for kids and teens coast-to-coast. Incorporating sports skills, , art, challenge circuits, snacks, and great diabetes discussions each day, not to mention mentorship from our youth leaders and important connections to peers – we like to think our interactive online camps have something for everyone.

Open to T1D and non-T1D kids of all ages, friends and siblings, across Canada.



More About our Sports Camps!

Our coaching staff, who lead drills and games for all the kids, share their stories and demonstrate openly what they do themselves to stay on top of their health, the challenges they face, and how they overcome obstacles. This helps to reduce the stigma and discrimination of managing diabetes as campers interact with people who have T1D in a positive, open context, which demonstrates the growth mindset behind every person with a challenge that is required to perform at a level with their peers.

Coaches and peers with T1D who share the same tasks and obstacles to success, create an immersive environment to empower growth, develop independence, self-confidence and communication skills for youth as the routines they are required to live with are now all around them.


Communication and Development

Our goals are to connect with parents/caregivers at the start and end of each day to capture any directions from parents for the day and follow through with a flexible support plan. Any issues would be taken on by our team onsite. We track all tests, snacks and insulin captured on our log sheets integrated with activities to provide a daily print out with pointers for potential adjustments, when needed. We are flexible with your needs and can build that confidence over the course of our programs.


While we do not intend to take the diabetes management away from youth attending our camps, we do provide structured support to ensure testing and insulin decisions are being made with an individualized commitment to support any aspect of diabetes management that enables the child to join and grow. Whether that is delivering insulin whenever needed, carb counting, site changes, pump problem solving, or decisions on treatment.

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Partnerships with York Lions and Brock Sports School

ICD has partnered with Lions Camps, which operates in a world-class facility on York University Campus (that hosted the 2015 Pan Am Games!) and Brock University to offer youth with T1D, siblings and friends a top-notch sports camp

Each day, programs are designed to build in self-care and safety for all children, with sunscreen, snacks, water breaks and a swim test, allowing all to be their best as they rotate through the day’s action. Our diabetes sports camp leaders integrate diabetes management checks in the same way… like it is just part of a normal day. And it will be here, giving you a chance to send your child to camp with their friends or siblings, with the support they all need to fit right in and have fun.


Staff Training

While ICD plans its specialized camp staff roster, we will also be working with the Camp Directors at both York and Brock to train the entire Camp staff to broaden this awareness and give first-hand learning experiences to these staff and better prepare them to support other camp programming. Training will include watching for lows, recognizing trends, and knowing how food and exercise affect diabetes. They will also be trained on how to use Glucagon in the rare case that they have to administer it to anyone.

Venue Highlights

York U Diabetes Sports Camp takes place just meters away from the lab where the exercise physiology team leads their experiments, testing all manners of impacts of diabetes including studies on how the artificial pancreas should manage exercise! It is quite likely that one of these awesome researchers will welcome us into the lab and allow the kids to see this research in motion – A highlight of every summer!

Our Brock University location in Niagara offers the chance to try rowing in a world class rowing tank, with coaching from members of the Brock Rowing Team and the highest calibre athletes – think Olympians!

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