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ICD Empowerment Fund

Removing Financial Barriers

The ICD Empowerment Fund is empowered by your donation.

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ICD was built off a community-minded approach, recognizing that those with the most need may already be struggling to pay for expenses. ICD has always been efficient with funding, offering cost savings to all participants and further looking for ways to support those in need by either reducing or eliminating financial barriers.

Now after acquiring charitable status in 2016, ICD was able to launch the ICD Empowerment Fund, where 100% of funds donated go directly to making accessible programs and services that offer powerful experiential education and social support for those living with Type-1 diabetes and their families.

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Transforming Lives

We at ICD are grateful for the opportunity to engage our peers in this diabetes community and have long since been at providing opportunities that transform people’s lives. Several key members of our mentoring team have come from a place of financial hardship and have since given back hundreds of hours in volunteer work and made donations in the years to come. Bursaries have led participants out of At-Risk scenarios where A1c rates have been recorded as high as >18% and into ideal ranges (healthy targets for a non-diabetic are between 4.5 and 6% and those with diabetes generally aim below 7.5% with complications growing exponentially above 8%)

Average Costs at I Challenge Diabetes

The ICD Empowerment Fund is empowered by your donation.

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