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Diabuddies is an awareness campaign focused on ensuring that students with Type One Diabetes (T1D) are safe, empowered, and accepted within their school community. BOOK NOW!

I Challenge Diabetes has educated over 16,000 students and 800+ staff members about positive ways to support students living with  T1D by going into over 100 schools across Canada!

I Challenge Diabetes’ Diabuddies school presentations are provided by passionate parents, T1D youth volunteers, and elite athlete speakers, offering education on T1D, breaking down misconceptions and empowering students and staff.

“The presentation gave our student with diabetes a huge confidence boost knowing that her classmates were supportive and empathic about her condition. Overall, an inspiring and informative presentation!” – School Administrator

Our Diabuddy Speakers present strategies that helped them reach the top of their field in sport, business, academia, and the arts. Presentations illustrate a growth mindset and resilience as they explore the problem solving skills required to overcome life with a chronic illness. While providing fundamental education about diabetes, the stories broaden to reach all students and empower a community of inclusion.

We want to increase awareness about T1D across Canada and showcase that even with a chronic disease, a healthy, successful life can be achieved with the right support.

“Emmett felt really proud after the presentation! It meant a lot.” 

Types of Diabuddies Services Offered

We are increasing awareness about T1D by school presentations provided by passionate parents, T1D youth volunteers and elite athlete speakers. These presentations offer education on T1D, breaking down misconceptions and empowering students and staff.

Having a Diabuddies speaker connects our leaders with the student body, offering an opportunity for the whole school (or a class) to learn about and be inspired by overcoming health challenges!

Discussion topics and speakers vary in every Family Workshop. In the very first Family Workshop, we had wonderful speakers including a Principal Helen Jarvis, who provided tips on advocating in school; Gabreilla Simo from Diabetes Canada, who provided an overview on the draft PPM 161; Dana Greenberg a T1D mom, who talked about the Roadmap to Independence  that she used for her child who recently was awarded the Governor General Award; and Elaine Wilson R.N from Trillium Health Partners, who provided guidance on how to create a plan for T1d kids in school. Discussion topics and speakers for the next workshop may vary and will be announced along with the workshop.

We understand that in order to provide a better learning environment, it is important for educators to learn about T1D. Under the Kids In School Initiative, ICD is proud to have provided education to teachers and instructors who teach T1D students. Our team of experienced professionals continue to provide a wide spectrum of education, from the basics of diabetes to training on the use of Glucagon!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Diabuddies presentation can truly be targeted at any age group, however most typically we present to groups from JK to grade 8.

Yes! We can present to the entire student body, or just the home room class – whatever works best for the school/student.

We generally cover the following topics in the presentations:

  • Speaker introduces themselves
  • How do you get T1D?
  • Differentiate between type 1 and type 2
  • The role of nutrition/carbs
  • How to test blood sugar
  • What is insulin & how to give it
  • How classmates can be supportive and helpful

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Watch the full length video below to see even more about ICD’s Diabuddies campaign!

Resources for Caregivers, School Staff & Administrators


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