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Our Extreme Adventures – hiking the 75km West Coast Trail, 10-day canoe trips through the Bowron Lakes, and more – are full of tough physical and mental challenges that push our limits and test our capabilities.The programs have experienced leaders who are living full lives with type 1 diabetes. They love to mentor and share the skills and habits that have helped them reach their dreams. Our ICD leadership team has led more trips for type 1s than anyone else in the world.

Participating in an Extreme Adventure is an amazing chance to push through boundaries with a team who lives with the same challenges as you. We have seen huge accomplishments over the years with impacts that last a lifetime!

The beauty of this program is that the benefits don’t just stop at this one adventure. If we are successful in learning how to manage diabetes in the midst of these other extremely challenging physical and mental endeavours, it greatly increases the chances we will be able to stand up to the regular barrage we encounter in our daily lives!

Not sure if you are ready to go extreme? We offer 2 and 3 day weekend adventures for families, wee challengers, tweens and teens, who are eager to test the waters and trails with ICD! Adventures include weekends in Rocky Mountain House, Killarney and Tobermory!

2022 Adventures

We at ICD take our Covid response seriously and have established clear and tested plans and policies to ensure the health of our community. View our Updated Covid Safety Protocols HERE
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May 28 – June 4

West Coast Trail Extreme Adventure, BC

Step out of your comfort zone and onto the West Coast Trail with some of the most adventurous T1Ds around, on one of the most gruelling hiking trails in North America… and also one of the most rewarding! Since leading the West Coast Trail Extreme Adventure for the first time in 2012, ICD has led over 50 individuals to challenge themselves by completing this incredible trek. This trek follows the iconic West Coast Trail on an 8-day, 75km hiking and backcountry camping expedition along the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island.

This trip is open to strong teens and adults with T1D who are physically fit, and can carry 30% of their body weight in a pack on their back. If you are willing to work hard and endure some physical difficulties to enjoy some amazing rewards, this trip is for you!

Campsite scenery reflection

July 16 – July 20

French River Extreme Adventure, ON

French River Provincial Park is located an hour north of Parry Sound, about three and a half hours north of Toronto. We will be canoeing, hiking, and camping together in this gorgeous 65-mile-long stretch of heritage river.

We are all in the same boat (get it?). Come out and feel the support from others who understand what you are going through and will share in this learning experience. Learn something about yourself and connect with other T1Ds who understand the ins and outs of diabetes management. This is a great opportunity to take in picturesque views and discover what you can accomplish with the right support.


July 15 – July 17

Rocky Mountain House Adventure, AB 

Join us for 3 days and 2 nights camping and rafting the North Saskatchewan River.

We are fully prepared to help with diabetes management: carbs, sites, troubleshooting, etc. Ideal for tweens and teens not sure about being in nature… and their parents too, this adventure is open to those 7 years of age and up, seasoned campers and beginners alike!

Hiking through forest

July 17 – July 22  &  August 7 – 12

Sugar Valley Adventures, ON 

Join us for a dynamic adventure camp this summer! Located about an hour north of Toronto, Sugar Valley Farm is nestled in the Copeland Forest, one of the largest and loveliest in southern Ontario! Activities include canoeing, swimming, camp fires, nature walks, bouldering, rock climbing and the option to join a fun-filled day climbing and zipping from tree to tree just minutes away at Treetop Trekking Barrie, located at Horseshoe Resort. (additional fees apply)

July Family Adventure This event is ideal for families. Experience is not required, but a general willingness to learn and try new things will ensure success!

August Youth Adventure Open to teens, tweens and young adults. Experience is not required, but a general willingness to learn and try new things will ensure success!


July 25 – July 30

Killarney Extreme Adventure, ON 

We will be canoeing, hiking, and camping together as a group through Killarney Provincial Park’s iconic landscape of beautiful lakes and the striking granite ridges of the LaCloche mountain chain. Once higher than the Rocky Mountains, this ancient mountain chain is now eroded down to beautifully rounded swaths of exposed white granite characteristic of the Canadian Shield. Here, you will witness the clear blue waters and windswept pines that inspired the Group of Seven and many artists since. Best for ages 14+.

July 30 – Aug 1

Killarney Adventure, ON

Join us for a dynamic adventure this summer at Killarney Provincial Park! The park is located just outside of Sudbury, about four and a half hours north of Toronto. Build connections with our supportive T1D community, and stay motivated and inspired with memories of this beautiful location and the new friends you’ve made.

Ideal for families, wee challengers, tweens and teens, our adventure programs are open to seasoned campers and beginners alike and an amazing opportunity to be inspired that you won’t find anywhere else!


July 30 – Aug 5

Tall Ship Extreme Adventure, ON 

Join ICD aboard the TS Playfair. You will be an active member of the crew and live, eat and sleep onboard a Tall Ship. By the end of a voyage, you will know the fundamentals of how to sail a Tall Ship and be certified as a Brigs ‘Lead Hand’. But it’s not all sailing! Activities during your voyage will include swimming, singing, campfires and exploring ports and anchorages throughout the Great Lakes.

No previous sailing experience is required- the youth officers of TS Playfair will teach you everything you need to know, and ICD leaders will support you in your diabetes management in this exciting new environment! This trip is open to youth 13+ living with type 1 who are physically active and are looking for a challenge.

Tobermory Type 1 Diabetes Adventure

Aug 6 – Aug 10

Tobermory Extreme Adventure, ON 

Join ICD for an amazing week of diabetes empowerment in beautiful Bruce Peninsula National Park! This adventure is a 5 Day 4 Night backcountry camping adventure on the stunningly beautiful Bruce Trail, that unites adventurous type 1s as they step outside of their comfort zones, guided by the most experienced leadership team for T1D’s outdoor education in the world. Recommended for ages 14+.

Tobermory Adventure, ON

This is a challenge by choice program –  you don’t have to hike to the top of a cliff if you don’t want to, it’s your choice. Build connections with our supportive T1D community, and stay motivated and inspired with memories of this beautiful location and the new friends you’ve made. Ideal for families, Wee Challengers, Tweens and Teens, our Adventure programs are open to seasoned campers and beginners alike and an amazing opportunity to be inspired that you won’t find anywhere else!

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Aug 22 to Aug 28

Assiniboine Extreme Adventure, AB 

You belong in the mountains! Join I Challenge Diabetes on the adventure of a lifetime. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia the Assiniboine Lodge cabins are awaiting your arrival. Mountain views, comfy cabins, and stunning scenery are the backdrop to this unique ICD event. Join us as we hike through the Rocky Mountains from Alberta into British Columbia as we explore the mountains and learn how to manage our diabetes while hiking.

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Thinking about Participating?

Due to the intensity in the duration and level of challenge in our extended backcountry Extreme Adventures, we encourage you to  reach out to our expert staff to support you in determining your suitability! Be honest about your previous experience and fitness level – though we absolutely believe in challenging ourselves to new limits, we don’t want anyone to be unsafe.  If it would be your first time adventuring with us, fret not – trained leaders are there at every event to support all participants.  We can support you as you source required equipment (i.e. tents, sleeping bags, hiking backpacks, etc)  on our detailed packing lists.

If you’re unsure if you’re ready, test the waters (literally and figuratively!) with one of our shorter duration Adventures in Tobermory, Rocky Mountain House and Killarney!

Want to know what you’ll need to bring on an adventure?  Get our pre-made adventure packing list here.

(NOTE: you will be sent a more specific list catered to each event you sign up for)

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