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Halloween traditions are a lot of fun, but for someone with T1D they can be intimidating, or even spooky! Besides the candy from Trick-or-treating, there’s school Halloween parties, where to tuck supplies when wearing a costume, and how to handle the exercise involved in running around the neighbourhood to knock on every door before they’re out of treats!

There are lots of ways to approach Halloween, so we decided to ask some of our community members how they prepare to tackle this exciting time of year.

The Marucci’s Magnificent Strategies

“Our strategy for our two type one diabetic kids is for them to HAVE FUN!!  We do not hold them back from being kids!! They have grown up in so many ways since diagnosis that we allow them to be normal kids as much as we can. So we help them get dressed up, we let them go around neighbourhood grabbing as much candy as they can!  When they bring it all home whether it’s one bag or two bags of Halloween candy we go through it like any other parents make sure everything is safe. We have a sheet with Halloween size candy carb counts of the kids’ favourites. (Each year I glance at stores to verify counts are the same). Now we sort out all the good candy that we like as “parent’s collateral” and then we separate everything else into categories.” Kristi Marucci

Low carb options from the Bonas Family

Low carb & Keto diets are becoming more popular when approaching diabetes management (we wrote about it back in our July newsletter!). But how would a low-carb diabetes management approach work on Halloween? We asked Stephanie Bonas  to tell us about it!

Enter The Switch Witch! This is sort of an exchange system, where children can trade in their Halloween candy for a gift.

According to their website: “Every year, in the beginning of October, many young Switch Witches say goodbye to their parents, hop in their flying cauldrons, and go visit kids (like you!) for a long sleepover play date! During the weeks leading up to Halloween, you get to be a kind host to your own Switch Witch! In exchange for a wonderful visit, your Switch Witch will turn some of your Halloween candy in to a surprise gift!”

The Poth Family Plan

“Start with a healthy dinner!   I know this is hard, it’s a crazy night…kids home from school and you home from work trying to get them fed fast and out the door.  Do not order pizza or do any kind of fast food. This is when you need that balance meal of lower carbs, protein and veggies. This will give them energy for trick or treating and allow them to have dessert on the run!

Check your CGM or finger poke before you go!  And afterwards about every 30 or 40 mins especially if your kids are like mine and run from house to house.  My daughter always drops from the exercise and excitement.

Stop for snacks! The good news is when going low from running around you can stop and have some candy!

4 piece rule!  We have a 4 piece rule.  Sounds like a lot of candy but the Halloween candy is so small. Both my kids, T1D and non-T1D, are allowed 4 pieces and that’s it.   No one should eat limitless candy before bed.

Sort the Candy! Gluten candy, my daughter gives away since she is celiac.  The rockets and other fast acting sugar gets put into a low pile ( used as low supplies for months). The small chocolates and chips etc are great for dessert treats during the week.” – Lisa Geelen ICD Kids in School Campaign Chair

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