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Gift Giving Catalogue

Gifts that give back. Each gift in our Catalogue supports our work empowering people with type 1 diabetes to live healthy, inspired lives. Through our programs, we have provided more than 55,000 mentorship and training experiences for people across Canada, ensuring children and families have the skills and knowledge to manage their diabetes.

Please donate now and change the life of someone living with type 1 diabetes while giving a special gift to a loved one. Choose to send an e-card and personalize—it makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Plus, you’ll receive a tax receipt for the full value of the gift.

Give the Gift of Play

Support youth with type 1 diabetes through the purchase of equipment and supplies!  Your generosity will support the experiential learning and mentorship provided by our Diabetes Sports Camps and other active programs.

Purchase Sports Equipment - $15

Give the Gift of Mentorship

COVID-19 has added new challenges to daily life, especially for those dealing with a chronic illness. During these difficult times, our virtual programming is more important than ever in reaching type 1 diabetics across Canada and providing them with resources and personalized support.

Provide Youth with Personalized Support - $25

Give the Gift of Connection

Many children and teens with diabetes struggle to access recreational programs that understand and support their diabetes. Our programs are tailored to serving kids with diabetes, empowering them to experience fun and challenging sports and activities in a safe and fun environment.

Give a Child a Day of Empowerment & Fun - $50

Give the Gift of Independence

Provide youth with type 1 diabetes with access to camping gear and equipment to experience the incredible impact of an outdoor adventure. Each adventure enables youth to apply the diabetes management skills they have learned in a fun and challenging environment, building the skills required to thrive in their own lives.

Purchase Camping Equipment for a Youth's First Adventure - $60

Give the Gift of Inspiration

Our speakers include elite athletes and industry leading professionals who share their methods, strategies and wisdom for coping with diabetes. These stories of perseverance and hope inspire audiences across Canada that whatever challenges they experience can be overcome.

Fund Educational and Motivational Speaking Events - $100

Give the Gift of Support

We work with Paediatric Diabetes Education Centres and hospital teams to design and facilitate customized programming to support patients and families. Programs are built on our years of experience and focus on supporting teens with T1D and their parents as they transition into adult care. We lighten the load on already stretched clinical teams while reducing the number of youth at risk during this important transition period.

Sponsor an In-Clinic Program - $150

Give the Gift of Confidence

Building support systems is integral to managing type 1 diabetes. Through your support, we will connect type 1 diabetics with their friends and family through outdoor trips. Each trip empowers participants to share their struggles of living with a chronic illness and develop new skills, strategies and coping mechanisms to better manage their diabetes!

Fund Skill-building and Adventure Programs for the Whole Family - $175

Give the Gift of Sport

All children should get to experience the joy of camp. Our camps remove the barriers people with diabetes face by building-in diabetes management and support directly into our camp programs. Children will join in a number of interactive games and activities while simultaneously learning to take control of their health.

Fund a week of Barrier-Free Sports and Recreation - $250

Give the Gift of Inclusion

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age can be difficult. Children and their families can feel isolated, overwhelmed and misunderstood. Diabuddies is an immersive awareness campaign that brings diabetes learning directly into classrooms across Canada, fostering a community of inclusion and support.

Bring our Diabuddies Tour to a Local School - $300

Give the Gift of Adventure

Provide at-risk youth living with type 1 diabetes with the experience of a lifetime. By learning to manage their diabetes while overcoming the challenges of an Extreme Adventure, participants are gaining transferable skills that they can apply to the obstacles they encounter in their own lives, empowering them to dream big.

Sponsor the Trip of a Lifetime for an At-Risk Youth - $350

Give the Gift of Community

Youth living with diabetes often struggle to access activities that support their management of the disease. Our workshops feature an exciting activity such as skiing or rock climbing that integrates diabetes management, skill-building and mentoring opportunities to provide participants with real-life skills. Your donation will fund a group experience for up to 40 participants.

Support a Skill-building Workshop for up to 40 Youth - $500

Give the Gift of Leadership

It is important to foster leaders in the diabetes community who can provide support to those in need. Our Leadership Retreats empower youth with type 1 diabetes to access coaching and grow their diabetes management skills in a fun and active environment to emerge as the next generation of leaders. Over 90% of participants in our Leadership Retreats return as mentors to pass on the skills they learned to others.

Fund an Overnight Retreat - $1000

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