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Corporate Giving & Sponsorships

Contributing to ICD is an incredible way to enhance your brand and increase your connectivity within the community. Your employees and consumers will be better motivated knowing that you’re doing social good, helping to empower people living with diabetes. Please help us with your time, money, or unique expertise so we can help our community thrive!



Partnerships provide a great way to build mutual awareness and create additional value for our participants that would be much more difficult to do alone!

As a partner, we’ll share resources and co-host events, working together to increase efficiency. By combining our skills, we can learn from each other and better serve our communities!

We look for partners that align with our vision, mission and values. If you do, we’d love to work with you to run events and programs!

In the past, we’ve partnered with companies like Power To Be, who combined their adventure therapy skills with those of our diabetes experts to create incredible events, learn and serve our community.

Saanich Paddle-29


Sponsorship is a great opportunity to do good while building brand affinity and awareness with our community and people with Diabetes across Canada.

Our sponsors provide a mix of financial donations and gifts in kind that help reduce the costs for participants and support our events. We welcome any sponsor who aligns well with our core philosophy and is looking to support our community!

As a sponsor, we’ll hand out your swag and put your logo on our marketing materials so our participants know who you are and how you help us (and them)!

Dex4 has been one of our main sponsors in the past, choosing to donate gifts in kind (Dex tablets) to support our programs and events and reduce the costs to us and our participants.

You can check out our other sponsors and consider joining the incredible group that supports ICD.

Thea Diabuddies Kimberley BC

Gifts in Kind

We spend a ton of money on supplies for our programs, including groceries, travel, accommodations, clothing, pharmaceuticals, office supplies and more.

We accept gifts in kind of all types and greatly appreciate receiving goods or services from anyone who is willing to support us in a meaningful way. The money that we save is transferred directly to participants to help make our programs more accessible to everyone.

In the past, we’ve had families like the Millers and Hawkes lend us their cabins for retreats, as well as hospitals like Sick Kids and Alberta Children’s Hospital provide us with their time and space to run events!

Have something you can contribute to an ICD program? Let us know!



At ICD, we also accept monetary donations as support for our organization. There are tons of options to partner or sponsor with us, but if all you’re looking for is to donate, that’s cool too!

Donations can range from small-time support of individual event’s groceries, gear, or participants, all the way to national, annual giving. We don’t want to pressure you!

We have a track record of spending efficiently, ensuring that we get the maximum amount of benefit from any donation we receive. With that being said, money that is donated will go solely towards the facilitation and execution of programs and events rather than travel.

We also accept support from our volunteers and their companies. In the past, we’ve had a mom and son (Celia and Santiago) fundraise for ICD, a volunteer (Mike) get his company to donate based on the hours he volunteered with us, and companies match donations!

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