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of the last 100 surveyed participants have found our programs motivate them to live well with diabetes!

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of ICD’s budget goes directly towards improving lives!

How Your Donation Helps

Basic Day Program

Our baseline program is incredibly efficient with funds. The formula is in providing world class support, not fancy facilities. Help someone experience one of our day programs with a donation of just $20!

Advanced Day Programs

We also provide much more intensive day programs. These programs include activities that take participants further outside their comfort zones, serving to deepen the impact and break through to higher ground. You can send a participant to an advanced day program for just $50-$100!

Multi-Day Programs

You can help someone attend a retreat that teaches coping skills and peer led strategies or send someone to a multi-day sports camp with elite athlete role models/scientific experts for just $250!

Support A Family

Giving more could mean a lot. It can mean supporting a whole family with a newly diagnosed child get the support they desperately need, to helping a tough group of teens create an extended family they will learn from and support.
It could also help to secure the future of our ICD family as we grow to support a broader community!  


Our extreme adventure series is facilitated with expert leadership showing what each person is capable of. It leaves long lasting memories of accomplishment and self esteem to accompany the skills developed on the trail. For $750, you can cover the cost for one week of Extreme Adventure Series for one person!

Make an impact!

Success Stories

“I am so thankful for the people who I’ve met through ICD and the gifts each one has to contribute to the group. I literally learn so much on every trip whether it be how to make a fire, find a new pump site, learn about historical figures, how to cook awesome meals, or new songs to sing along the way! I always learn something new!”

Anna, Vancouver Island, BC

“I feel that it is vital for kids with Type 1 Diabetes to share these experiences with other kids with Type 1. Thank you to all of you who help participants understand the importance of exercise and diabetes management…”

Nicole, Parent of a T1D, Canmore’s Exercise and Excellence, AB

“When I asked Ben what the best thing about the camp was, he said it was that he was the same as everyone else. He said he found his place and that was the best thing for me to hear and what I had really hoped for him with this retreat!!! I can understand how ICD would be a passion project and we are so thankful that it exists!”  

Bruce and Audrey, Gatineau ,QB

“I just love the days following an ICD trip. My daughter is bubbly and positive and full of very, very, very cute stories… but it’s the laughter and meaningful personal connections that really fill her soul. Your guidance is rubbing off on her, today she told me how much she wants to look after herself and make healthy choices – and that’s just huge.”


Darlene, Gatineau,QB


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