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Smooth Sailing With Control-IQ Technology 

Whether it was being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age or working aboard a tall ship sailing the Great Lakes, Caedon is always committed to facing any challenge. Below she shares her journey with diabetes; from stormy seas to smooth sailing.

When Caedon was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of nine, she was nervous about the impact it would have on her life. “I remember a social worker asking me how my friends would react to my new diagnosis,” she recalls. “I burst into tears because I just arrived at the hospital and had no idea what was going on!”

Early on Caedon struggled with her diabetes management and the effects it had on her mental health. As Caedon explains, “I have always had a difficult time remembering to test my blood sugar and bolus and mentally I’ve had a tough time coping with it.”

She also notes, “I was scared to give myself injections.”

However, with the dedicated support of her friends and family as well as mental health resources from St. Michaels hospital, Caedon was able to develop a routine to manage her diabetes.

“Much of my life stayed the same really,” Caedon recalls. “My friends were very supportive and I got an insulin pump after the first year which helped a lot with managing my diabetes myself.”

Today, Caedon is the Operations Manager at Brigs Youth Sail Training and will be leading I Challenge Diabetes’ Tall Ship Sailing Adventure beginning on July 30th.

Caedon is in her element on the Tall Ship Playfair, a 40 foot long vessel that offers sailing adventures on the Great Lakes and nearby waterways. “I have found being onboard the ship helps immensely with my diabetes management,” Caedon explains. “Because of the rigid watch system I am always sitting down to eat or taking breaks at the same time.”

Furthermore, with the help of Tandem’s t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ Technology she has more freedom managing her diabetes. “Control-IQ Technology takes away some of the stress of constantly keeping an eye on my [blood] sugar during physical activity,” she says. “Especially when I have to spring into action when the weather gets rough.”

“I’ve always struggled with being told I can’t do something,” Caedon says. “Whether it’s traveling around Europe or sailing tall ships, I’m proud I’ve always stood up to the task and kept an eye on my diabetes at the same time.”


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