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Tayin doesn’t let diabetes get in the way of living thanks to technology.

“Type 1 diabetes doesn’t just affect the person living with it,” says Sarah Saari, mom of a teen living with type 1 diabetes. “It affects the whole family.” Constantly making carb calculations and checking blood sugar levels creates a significant mental burden, something people without T1D take for granted. But 13-year-old Tayin Saari is grateful for new technology that helps him live more normally, as is his mom Sarah. Whether its deciding to prolong a hike, or participating in a sporting event, he is spending more time enjoying the moment, and less time worrying about his blood sugar, something his whole family is also benefiting from.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five years ago, Tayin had to make significant adaptations, such as going to the school office at mealtimes to tell them what he was eating so that his parents could be advised of his blood sugars. Calculating appropriate mealtime bolus doses can be complicated, and even if done correctly, a person living with T1D may not get desired results with their blood sugars. This can lead to serious, even life-threatening complications.

Since adopting the new MiniMed 780G insulin pump system, Tayin is happy to report that his time in target glucose range has gone from 50% to 80% and higher and he is enjoying more flexibility. “Since I moved to the 780G, my parents don’t have to chase me around and nag me as much about forgetting to bolus.” His parents can now remotely monitor his glucose through a smartphone app, and he can live life more like a regular teen.

The MiniMed™ 780G system is the first and only insulin pump system in Canada that can automatically adjust and correct blood sugars every five minutes.* The pump features an advanced algorithm designed to prevent highs and lows, even compensating for underestimated carbs at mealtimes. Paired with a Medtronic CGM and a smartphone app, Tayin and his parents can access information about his diabetes management in real time, which can also be integrated with the Apple Watch.

“Some of the biggest changes as a parent since moving onto the 780G has just been the freedom to allow him to live his life a little bit more independently,” says Sarah.

Spending more time in range has also given the active teen more energy to pursue hobbies like lacrosse, and fishing. All of these benefits add up to a world of difference. “The MiniMed 780G allows me to live my life to the fullest and not let diabetes get in the way.”

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The MiniMed 780G insulin pump is indicated for use by patients age 7-80 years with Type 1 diabetes, whose total daily dose of insulin is 8 units per day or more. Individual results may vary.

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